AWRI Cabernet winemaking trial underway

AWRI Cabernet winemaking trial underway

The first fruit has been harvested for the AWRI’s 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon winemaking trial, in which eighteen 150 kg ferments will be conducted, with a single winemaking variable being changed in each one

Sign up to the Women of Waite Network

Sign up to the Women of Waite Network

Providing a forum for women to connect, share, inspire and be inspired. The Waite Research Precinct is full of inspiring women! They are everywhere – working across all disciplines and all the campus partner organisations.



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Campus Notices

Road safety on campus

Road incidents and near misses continue to occur around the Campus. Please ensure any incidents are reported and speed limits are adhered to.

Winery safety

Protocols which all staff, students and contractors are obliged to observe when entering the Waite winery.

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