Adelaide Protein Group Student Awards

Adelaide Protein Group Student Awards

Attention all PhD and Masters students! Does your research involve proteins? The Adelaide Protein Group is now accepting applications from ALL areas of protein-related research for the Student Awards Event



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Campus Notices

Caltrop – Campus Management

Recent rain has brought on an early germination of the noxious weed know as caltrop (Bindii, three cornered jack) in several known hotspots across the campus. These are being managed in public areas by our Technical Services team and Campus Services.

Christmas gifts supporting charity

For the next few weeks there will be a box of Christmas gifts available for purchase at the Aroma/Lirra Lirra café. This box comes from the Adelaide Day Centre for Homeless Persons and it contains cards and gift bags made by homeless men who attend …

Adelaide Microscopy Waite Facility upgrade

Power upgrade and network cabling work is due to commence in the Adelaide Microscopy Waite Facility and is expected to continue until Christmas. A temporary Waite facility will be located in the Plant Genomics Centre.

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