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Wine101x: World of Wine: From Grape to Glass is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), delivered worldwide via the edX platform ( First launched in April 2015 as a six-week course, it comprises interactive media and e-learning resources delivered online, for free, with no pre-requisites.

Through the wonders of the internet, staff from The University of Adelaide’s School of Agriculture, Food & Wine at the Waite have shared their expertise and passion for ‘all-things-wine’, to give more than 50,000 participants from over 160 countries an appreciation for the principles and practices that underpin grape and wine production, as well as their impacts on wine style and sensory properties (with an unashamedly Australian flavour). The course encompassed short video lectures, video interviews with industry professionals, interactive activities such as a virtual winemaking app, discussion forums and several assessment tasks to evaluate learning.

By popular demand, Wine101x was released again in June 2015 in self-paced mode, and twice in a structured six-week time-frame in 2016 (currently running July 2016). The Wine101x MOOC has now won the SA Interactive Media Excellence Award and the Best Wine Educator award from Wine Communicators of Australia.

Cellar door staff, marketers, accountants, vintage casuals and anyone else interested in learning more about grapes and wine can take this online course here.

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about wine, you will love this course!


Feedback from Participants

“Thanks for a great course, very informative… Also I think you have put Australia on the world map as far as wine education goes.”

“I’m very impressed with what I’ve learned in such a short time in Wine101x. I found it enjoyable and well structured. Congratulations on a top course.”

“Thank you so much University of Adelaide and the Wine101X edX course. Wow! You all put in a lot of effort to produce an informative and entertaining course, making great use of technology to reinforce student learning. I’m a big fan of MOOCs, and have to compliment you on your selection of content, organization and implementation.”

“Thanks for a great coarse which exceed my expectations. You guys have really done a great job in putting it all together.”

“Many thanks Wine101X team…..I can blame you for igniting a passion that will probably cost me $100K over the next few years as I set up facilities…”

“I have learnt so much from this course!…Thanks so much for the hard work of the professors – just commenting on the discussions – WOW!”

“Thanks for a great course! It was well put together with the video and written content. Its easy to see the passion and concern for student learning in the staff.”

“This is one of my favourite classes I’ve taken through EdX. Really great job by all of you.”

“Absolutely love this course and learned a lot. It has even led me to a part-time job working in a winery as a wine chemist!”

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