JanetApostolopoulos_3As a volunteer you can make a real impact within the Waite Historic Precinct while working in a fun, supportive and inclusive environment with like-minded people.

The contribution of talented, hard-working and committed volunteers is on show when visitors walk through the beautiful Urrbrae House gardens, discover the Waite Arboretum or experience our unique and heritage listed Urrbrae House.  Volunteering with the Waite Conservation Reserve offers a chance to work with nature on weekends while helping to protect a significant remnant of Grey Box Grassy Woodland.

Becoming a volunteer with the Waite Historic Precinct can be a truly rewarding experience and we welcome enquiries from all.  Please contact Amanda Jackson (amanda.jackson@adelaide.edu.au or phone: 8313 7497) to learn more about opportunities at Urrbrae House, and Erica Boyle (erica.boyle@adelaide.edu.au) for information about volunteering at the Waite Arboretum and/or Urrbrae House Gardens.

LucasVidela_EricaBoyle_WaiteArb13For information on volunteering in the Waite Conservation Reserve please contact Peter Bird  0418 853 834.



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