Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre

LOCATION: Level 1, Wine Innovation Central Building, Paratoo Road East, Waite Campus, Urrbrae

Who we are

Food waste is a global issue with losses valued at $1.6 trillion p.a. The 2018-funded Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre (FFW CRC) will be instrumental in addressing Australia’s $20 billion food waste challenge. The $121 million, 10 year organisation is funded through the Commonwealth Government’s Cooperative Research Centre Program, industry partners, state governments and tertiary institutions.


“A thriving, efficient and sustainable food industry is central to Australia’s economy, regional job security and prosperity, yet 40% of all the food we produce goes to waste.”

Our research

The FFW CRC will conduct dynamic and innovative research to reduce food waste and improve the profitability and sustainability of the Australian food industry. The FFW CRC works with a large number of participants and stakeholders to deliver outcomes which solve industry and government identified problems. Their outcomes are focussed on reducing food supply chain losses and waste, rescuing more food for charity, and discovering new sources of revenue for food producers, manufacturers and retailers from food waste. The organisation includes an education and behavioural change program which will engage with industry and consumers and train future industry professionals.

Our participants

The Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre brings together 46 industry and 10 research partners, with combined resources of $64 million cash and $57 million in-kind contributions. The FFW CRC is currently funded until 2028.


The CRC and participants will deliver:

  • New sources of revenue and market growth for food companies.
  • Less waste of resources through the supply chain from grower through to consumer.
  • Less waste ending up in landfill.
  • More donated food to feed hungry Australians.

Research programs

Program 1 – REDUCE: Reducing supply chain losses
Delivery of supply chain analysis tools, framework for optimal packaging design, innovative supply chain and packaging solutions and options to optimise food rescue.

Program 2 – TRANSFORM: Transforming waste resources
Identify and prioritise commercially valuable products from waste streams, new technologies for waste transformation, decision support tools and regulatory options to promote investment in waste transformation.

Program 3 – ENGAGE: Education and behavioural change
Educating future industry professionals, industry dissemination and skills training and household and business behaviour change.

Dr Steven Lapidge
Chief Executive Officer
T. +61 401 990 367

Partner Details

Fight Food Waste CRC
T. +61 8 8313 3564
A. L1, Wine Innovation Central Bld. Cnr Hartley Grove & Paratoo Rd, Urrbrae SA 5064 – View on google map


PhD research opportunities: Fight Food Waste CRC

PhD research projects are available in the three focal areas of the Fight Food Waste CRC – REDUCING food waste, TRANSFORMING unavoidable food waste into valuable products, and ENGAGING with industry and consumers to change their behaviour

Positions Available: Fight Food Waste CRC

The Fight Food Waste CRC is seeking applications for three positions to join the new team at the Waite campus: Business Manager, Communications Manager and Office Manager/Executive Assistant

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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