Today, Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre (FFWCRC) and Stop Food Waste Australia (SFWA) proudly unveil their new unified brand: End Food Waste Australia.

This strategic rebrand marks a pivotal moment in the fight against food waste, solidifying five years of dedication and progress towards Australia’s goal of halving food waste by 2030, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12.3. 

Since its inception, FFWCRC and SFWA have fostered unprecedented collaborations with more than 100 industry, government, and research partners. This monumental public-private partnership has driven Australia’s most extensive research on consumer food waste behaviours, pioneered transformative technologies for repurposing unavoidable food waste, established evidence-based food waste reduction best practices, and led collaborative industry food waste action through the Australian Food Pact. 

“End Food Waste Australia represents the culmination of years of dedication and collaboration. By uniting under one brand, we are forging a powerful force for positive change in the realm of food waste reduction,” said Dr Steven Lapidge, CEO. 

The creation of End Food Waste Australia consolidates the mission and efforts of FFWCRC and SFWA under a single, powerful identity with a shared vision for an Australia without food waste.


This unified front amplifies impact on critical issues, streamlining communication, enhancing public recognition, and fostering stronger collaborations. End Food Waste Australia is committed to creating a more productive, sustainable, and resilient Australian food system by ending food waste and food insecurity. The brand reflects the ambition and unity prevalent across the sector and community towards ending food waste. 

While introducing the End Food Waste Australia brand, it is crucial to emphasise that the core values and commitment of the organisation remain unchanged. The dedicated individuals behind the brand continue to work tirelessly alongside partners to deliver world-leading food waste research through the End Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre and supporting industry action through the Australian Food Pact and Sector Action Plans. 

End Food Waste Australia invites everyone to be part of the solution.  

“The end of food waste starts with all of us, and together, we can create a more productive, sustainable and resilient food system for Australia and its communities.” 

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