Australian Genome Research Facility

LOCATION: Plant Genomics Centre, Hartley Grove, Waite Campus

Who We Are

AGRF is a not for profit incorporated company supported under the Commonwealth NCRIS program.

It is Australia’s oldest and largest provider of genomic services and industry solutions. AGRF has laboratories in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. The Adelaide node provides a range of services including illumina and capillary sequencing, DNA extraction and plant growth facilities. The node also acts as an information and sample-submission portal for specialist services at their interstate laboratories, which include custom and routine bioinformatic analyses.

Vision and Mission


To be a key enabler of world class genomic science.


  • To provide Australia with a world-standard, research integrated, capability delivering genomic solutions to the biomedical, agriculture and environmental sectors to address key scientific questions for Australia.
  • To enhance our position as providing services to the entire academic community and render genomics accessible to suitable commercial and clinical enterprises.

Providing accessible services and expertise

We are here to support your research. We do this through:

  • Nationally distributed network
  • Quality service delivery
  • Consultation and analysis
  • Technical advice and tailored project design

Offering the latest in genomics technologies

In order to provide Australian researchers with access to the latest technology, our research and technology team are constantly assessing new developments in the market place.
This includes:

  • Offering a balanced portfolio of leading edge technologies
  • Validating workflows of the latest techniques

Supporting the South Australian research community

Dr-Maia-Rabinovich---Loading-Sanger-sequencingAs part of our commitment to the local genomics community we facilitate the connection of researchers in SA and throughout Australia by:

  • Supporting local scientific meetings
  • Hosting special interest groups and networking sessions
  • Delivering informational seminars throughout Australia
  • Engaging in joint research activities through PI support of grant applications

Dr.-Mabel-Lum---Preparing-microbiome-analysesAdding value to industry

Genomics techniques are increasing agricultural productivity, facilitating environmentally friendly products and being used to trace commercial species enabling regulation and sustainability decisions. Our research capability is accessible to commercial applications such as the development of therapeutics, pathology services, breeding programs, quality processes and food safety.

AGRF supports industries through the entire innovation pipeline translating new knowledge and techniques to applied outcomes.


AGRF is an active collaborator in a number of Australian Research Council grants that demonstrate collaborative partnerships, transfer of skills, knowledge and ideas to help secure commercial and wider benefits of research.

Some of our recent collaborations include:

Discovery Projects

Understanding adaptation to improve conservation of Australian flora.

Supported by School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Adelaide Evolutionary Biology Centre, University of Uppsala (Sweden) Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources, Italian National Council of Research (Italy) Conservation Science Centre, The Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW), Government of Western Australia.


Prof Andrew Lowe; Dr Martin Breed; Dr Margaret Byrne; Prof Martin Lascoux; Dr John Stephen; Dr Giovanni Vendramin.

Linkage projects

Identifying the diversity and evolution of loci associated with adaptation to aridity/heat and salinity in ancient cereal crops.

Supported by The Carlsberg Foundation, (Denmark), Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Plant Cell Walls, University of Adelaide Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, University of Adelaide School of Biological Sciences, University of Aberdeen (Scotland) Earth Institute, School of Archaeology, University College Dublin (Republic of Ireland) Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit and School of Archaeology, University of Oxford (England)


Prof Alan Cooper; Prof Michael Wilkinson; Dr Matthew Gilliham; Dr John Stephen; A/Prof David Salt; Prof Ron Pinhasi; Prof Thomas Higham; Professor Birger Lindeberg-Moeller.

The role of epigenetic modifications in bovid adaptation to environmental change.

Supported by Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Sydney, Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, University of Adelaide Veterinary Science, University of Adelaide and Yukon Palaeontology Program, Government of Yukon (Canada).


Prof Alan Cooper; Dr Catherine Suter; Prof Michael Wilkinson; Prof Stefan Hiendleder; Dr Bastien Llamas; Dr John Stephen; Prof Jeremy Taylor.

Aboriginal Heritage.

Supported by Bioplatforms Australia and co-sponsored by AGRF, National Geographic Magazine, and the SA Museum.


Prof Alan Cooper; Dr Wolfgang Haak; A/Prof Robert Mitchell; Dr Emma Kowal; Dr Keryn Walshe; Prof Peter Sutton; Prof David Reich; Prof Simon Easteal; Dr John Stephen; Dr Miguel Vilar; Dr Chris Tyler-Smith.

Annual report

Our most recent annual report is available to download.

AGRF’s 2015-2016 annual report includes highlights from the previous 12 months of research, engagement, industry impact, innovation and early technology access.

Nicole Burtt
Node Supervisor
T.+61 8 8313 8387


Dr Leanne McGrath
Account Manager SA
T.+61 8 8313 7148

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