What is SAGC?

We were formed through a partnership between three South Australian universities (UofA, UniSA and Flinders), SAHMRI, AWRI and AGRF to provide a one-stop-shop for genomics researchers looking for state-of-the-art sequencing and bioinformatics capabilities. We began in July last year and are looking forward to significant growth in activities over the course of 2021.

Why should I approach SAGC directly?

Local Expertise: When it comes to bioinformatics, it makes sense to have someone who is not only an expert bioinformatician but is also knowledgeable in the biological domain of your research. We are physically located here in SA with staff placed at Waite, SAHMRI and Flinders. This means we can provide a service which is more personalised and less transactional, and you have quick, easy, direct access to SAGC staff – no more hiding behind emails – you can knock on our doors or pick up the phone!

NCRIS/BPA supported facility: including us on grants may be looked upon favourable by some granting bodies.

Price: As a thank you to the 6 founding partners for their considerable investments in the SAGC we are able to offer subsidies on some services to researchers at those institutions. These can be quite considerable…40% on bioinformatics if projects include both sequencing as well as bioinformatics!

What services do you offer?

Most things genomics! We offer most of the regular sequencing library preps, sequencing and basic bioinformatics analyses. But we’re also keen to develop novel, useful methods on both the wet-lab and bioinformatics side of things.

We also want to help you avoid the dreaded “I have my sequencing data but what do I do with it?” moment. So, feel free to get in touch if you need assistance with scoping, budgeting or identifying what capabilities you might need in your genomics project.

Find out more by visiting http://sa-genomics.com.au

Who should I approach for a chat?

Contrary to popular belief, bioinformaticians (at least the ones at SAGC) like meeting people face-to-face! So, feel free to get in touch with me – I’m at the Waite campus on Tue and Thu each week, just inside the AGRF in the Plant Genomics Centre. However, if you prefer a faceless point of contact, you can email us at sagc@sahmri.com.

Other Contacts: Sen Wang (Centre Manager), Mark Van der Hoek (Senior Genomics Staff Scientist) and Jimmy Breen (Bioinformatics Platform Lead)

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