Waite Research Institute

LOCATION: Agriculture, Food & Wine Building, Hartley Grove, Waite Campus, Urrbrae

Who We Are

The Waite Research Institute (WRI) is an initiative of The University of Adelaide established to deliver world class advances in crop biology; agricultural production; and wine, food and nutrition sciences to inform and support primary producers and policy makers for the benefit of consumers and global communities.

Closely aligned with the University’s School of Agriculture, Food & Wine, the WRI aims to keep alive the vision of Peter Waite in leading and providing support for collaborative science initiatives that bring about innovative transformation in the agricultural, food and wine sectors.

The WRI supports both the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine and the collective Waite Campus community by developing and funding specific projects, by building its general research capacity and by promoting the Waite’s research outcomes and activities.

The WRI’s activities and investments are centred on the goals of:


  • Waite Research Excellence
    through strategic appointments, building key strengths, investing in new research fields and attracting the best people to maximise opportunities for big, bold, new research at the Waite.
  • Waite Research Innovation
    through supporting existing and potential collaborations across the University of Adelaide, Waite Campus partners and industry that promote the commercial uptake of research outcomes.
  • Waite Research Global
    through international research collaborations, targeted global engagement and support of research exchanges for staff and students.
  • Waite Research Enabled
    through staff mentoring, targeted development and leadership programs, and supporting research and infrastructure services that attract top people.
  • Waite Research Delivered
    through communication of education and research findings, benefits and significance and a strong alumni network.

Professor Matt Gilliham
Director, WRI
T. +61 8 8313 8145
E. matthew.gilliham@adelaide.edu.au


Carolyn Mitchell
Executive Officer, WRI
T. +61 8 8313 4184
E. carolyn.mitchell01@adelaide.edu.au

Keryn Lapidge
Waite Science Communicator, WRI
T. +61 8 8313 7073
E. keryn.lapidge@adelaide.edu.au

Partner Details


WRI Open call for project funding

To stimulate new collaborations and activity, the Waite Research Institute is launching an open call for agri-food and wine related research project applications across the University. Applications close TODAY.

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