Yitpi Foundation Awards and Grants-in-Aid 2024

Applications for Yitpi Foundation Awards are now being requested. Read more about how the Yitpi Foundation encourages and promotes research and education in the fields of crop science and social science focused on the linguistics of Australian languages and the cultures of Australian Aboriginal people.



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Campus Notices

TERN Employment opportunity: Training and engagement officer

The TERN Team are seeking a dynamic and motivated Training and Engagement Officer to work with a team of Scientific Field Officers to deliver on-ground training programs for a joint project with the Australian Government Ecological Monitoring System Australia (EMSA). Read more about the employment opportunity here.

Plants to be grown on the Moon when humans return

NASA has announced that when humans take their first steps back on the Moon after 50 years during the Artemis III mission, astronauts will cultivate and return lunar-grown plants to Earth for the first time. The consortium of partners who will pioneer this initiative includes a core group from the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Plants for Space (P4S), headquartered at the University of Adelaide. Read more about this exciting news here.

Wine tasters required

We are looking for wine consumers to join our wine sensory sessions. Find out more here how you can sign up for these wine evaluations – join one or more days of tasting!

Potato tasters needed

SARDI are recruiting consumers to taste cooked potato samples – prepared in a variety of methods. Sign up for this tasting in April now!

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