The Adelaide-Nottingham Alliance (the Alliance) Partnership Seed Fund program provides an
opportunity to foster international collaboration and engagement between the institutions. It provides opportunities for professional staff, academics and researchers across all faculties, schools, centres, institutes, and units to apply for funding to develop broader and deeper collaborations in areas of strategic focus for each institution by leveraging complementary strengths and transdisciplinary scholarship to advance research and education collaboration.

University of Adelaide professional staff, academics and researchers are eligible to apply for the Alliance Seed Funding Program. The Alliance has three core themes for engagement, and proposals for funding for the development of collaborations in the identified key research areas will be prioritised, however all applications will be considered:

• Global Food Systems
• Intelligent Health
• Sustainable Futures

The Program intends to:

• Identify and support opportunities to foster new and existing research and education
partnerships that raise the global profile of the Alliance.
• Enhance networking, engagement, and development opportunities for UoA and UoN
professional staff, academics and researchers globally.
• Provide financial support for innovative joint activities that support partnership development
and growth.
• Encourage academics to develop course modules/initiatives that incorporate collaboration
within the Alliance.
• Enhance engagement and development opportunities for UoA and UoN students. 

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