Voting is open for the WRI Showcase Visual Competition.

The WRI Showcase Visual Competition is an opportunity for WRI Members to tell the story of their research project.

We have had a number of fantastic entries and are pleased to share that voting is now open to WRI Members.

WRI members will receive an email with a link to the voting page by 29/11/2022. In the meantime, you can review the entries below.

  • Photo criteria: The winning photo should be captivating and well-composed, providing an engaging insight into the research work. 
  • Video criteria: The winning video should be fun, engaging, informative, and accessible to a broad audience. 

Get involved and pick your favourite photo and video before Friday 2nd December at 5:00PM!

Photo competition entries

“Does the biodiversity of Australian duckweed harbour the key for space travel?” by Daniel McKay

Caption: Australian waterways are home to multiple species of duckweed species, which contain high levels of inter- and intra-species variation. We are hunting for the ideal candidates for synthetic biology applications, including the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, plastics and vitamins in the plant. 

“Shedding light on pollination” by Katja Hogendoorn and Jay Iwasaki

Caption: The use of fluorescent powder to assess pollen delivery by honey bees in flowering apple resulted in magical scenes in the orchard after dark.

“Who needs sleep?” by Ross Sanders

Caption: An early morning start to collect pre-dawn vine measurements is made slightly easier by the Coonawarra sunrise.

“A good flood” by Georgina Drew

Caption: An intentionally flooded vineyard in Langhorne Creek, South Australia. The practice of rotational field flooding, done when the Angas and Bremer Rivers overflow, has been a key communal irrigation practice in the township for over 150 years. Photo on 22/9/22 by Associate Professor Georgina Drew.

“Unhap-pea” by John Carragher and Ruwan Lenorage

Caption: Our group is looking if weather-affected legume crops that are downgraded to animal feed because of size, colour or wrinkling of the seed coat can be processed into high protein food ingredients. This frosted field pea from the mid-north of SA definitely needs to feel appreciated. 

“Hemp” by Saber Sohrabi

Caption: Farmers are reluctant to plant hemp as there is a risk of THC exceeding legal limits under environmental stress. If this happens, plants should be discarded by law (left side of the photo). Using CRISPR/Cas9 technology, I aim to generate zero THC cultivars so that farmers can cultivate hemp without concern.

“A happy Phytophthora bunny” by Amena Khatun

Caption: A growing mycelium of Phytophthora cinnamomi imaged on scanning electron microscope using Hitachi FlexSEM 1000. The modified mycelium shows the branching points for producing new mycelia. The formation of new branches of mycelia are visible as they look alike the legs of ‘happy bunny’.

Video competition entries

“Disentangling the complexities of soil health” by Kate Matthews: View video here

“The effects of stress on Cannabis chemical compounds” by Sara Jalali: View video here

“Building a Pan-genome Graph for Cannabis” by Chelsea Matthews: View video here

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