Interested in agriculture, ag science and the future of food? Then this free public event is for you! Registrations are now open for Waite in the Spotlight, an afternoon of TEDx-style talks celebrating the diversity of research at the Waite and exploring science, plants and the future of food!

This event will feature selected talks from a range of disciplines and by speakers from across the Campus partners to showcase our work and some of our people to the world.

The talks at this inaugural event will be short, each focussed on a single topic or idea springing from agriculture, food, wine and environmental science and designed to be thought-provoking and interesting to a non-scientific audience. Delivered with clarity and enthusiasm, we hope they will provide an effective medium for increasing public awareness and understanding of the Waite, and why the work we do here matters.

Tickets are limited so register early to avoid disappointment. We hope to see you there!

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Featured speakers:

  • Dr Anthony Borneman, Australian Wine Research Institute – A tale of shipwrecks, yeast and beer
  • Dr Laura Davies, CSIRO Agriculture – Plant parasites: Let the battle commence
  • Dr Gupta Vadakattu, CSIRO Agriculture – Microbial diversity – can it feed the world?
  • Dr Caitlin Byrt, The University of Adelaide – Biology is the naughty science; try it!

Our special guest speaker will be Professor Göran Roos, Economic Development Board consultant – Food and agriculture to grow the economy.

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