Students from the Master of Food and Nutrition Science and the Master of Global Food and Nutrition Science will undertake their Capstone project (similar to 12 units Honours) in semester 2 this year. The students will have ~2-3 days per week, across 2 semesters to work on a project. The project can be research or industry focused with a food or nutrition link. We are looking for projects and supervisors as we have 24 students requiring projects in Semester 2 2024 and another 20 students to start their projects in Semester 1 2025.

If you have projects and are interested in supervising a student(s) can you, please complete the form through the button on this page. We will collate all potential projects and present them to the students so they can select the ones they are interested in.

For further information or any questions please email Tina Bianco-Miotto ( or Matthew Wilson (

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