Waite Research Institute congratulates Dr Tatiana Soares da Costa on her successful application for an ARC Future Fellowship. The Fellowship provides Dr Soares da Costa with continued support for her research in pioneering new strategies that tackle herbicide resistance to safeguard food production. 

Striving for the path of least herbicide resistance. This project aims to investigate novel strategies to mitigate the rise in herbicide resistance threatening Australian agricultural production and exports. The project expects to pioneer long-term strategies for the development of herbicides that “resist” resistance generation in weeds to prolong their effectiveness. Expected outcomes include advances in the development of single- and multi-target herbicidal compounds with new modes of action, and validation of their potential to yield synergistic combinations and delay the evolution of resistance. This should lay the foundations for significant long-term benefits to farmers and consumers, both in Australia and globally, including increased crop yields and improved food security.

Dr Soares da Costa was one of eight University of Adelaide researchers to win a Future Fellowship, and she is joined by Dr Mitchell Goldsworthy, Dr Jonathan Tyler, Dr Jianfeng Mao, Dr Xiaoguang, Associate Professor Dominic Thewlis, Dr Jingrun Ran, and Dr David Baraglia. Find the full list of outcomes of ARC Future Fellowships here

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