Congratulations to Syuzanna Mosikyan from the Adelaide Business School and Yanina Giordano from the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine, who have been announced as two of nine Outbound Knowledge Exchange Bursary winners. 

The 2023 Outbound Knowledge Exchange bursary program is giving 9 wine industry professionals the opportunity to travel to one or more Great Wine Capitals of the World to build their knowledge and skills.

Originally, only three bursaries were planned, but due to the high standard and volume of applications, additional funding was granted to expand the number to nine.

Each recipient will receive a bursary of $6,000 for travel between September 2023 and February 2024.

Image: Syuzanna Mosikyan (L) and Yanina Giordano (R)

During their travels, bursary recipients will meet with key industry, regional and education stakeholders to share their experience, expertise, and energy as well as learn about practices and operations in their chosen field.

When they return, participants will share their experience and learnings at regional and industry events, helping to build capability within their area of interest and maximising the benefit to our wine industry.

Syuzanna plans to visit Bordeaux in France, Mainz in Germany and Verona in Italy to engage with research collaborators, wineries, industry stakeholders and decision makers who are driving climate change adaptation solutions and focussing on novel varieties. When she returns she hopes to share her findings through industry journals and a presentation at the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show in 2024.

Yanina plans to travel to Rioja, Spain in November, where she will present at the International Congress on Grapevine and Wine Science. Following that engagement she will then travel to Verona, Italy where she will collaborate with the University and present research to wine making students in that region. This work will then be presented at relevant industry technical forums in Adelaide and will contribute to ongoing collaborations with industry, the University of Adelaide and the AWRI.

Read more about the program. 

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