The Waite Research Institute will organise two National Science Week Events this August, a science night ‘Food Down to a Science’, and a (free!) online escape room for schools.

Food Down to a Science

Join us at the Waite Campus as we untangle the science behind agriculture, food and wine through an evening of interactive talks, tastings and more.

Food Down to a Science is an engagement and outreach event, involving a series of talks relating to food and nutrition, sustainable agriculture, and technology in the vineyard and wineries of South Australia. Led by researchers from the Waite Research Institute, attendees will be encouraged to test their knowledge through ‘two truths, one lie’ interactive sessions and explore the science behind news headlines in feature talks.

In between sessions, themed canapes and refreshments will be served, related to research at the Waite Campus (e.g., ‘a taste of waste’, ‘food for thought’ and ‘Waite wines’).

Talks include:

– Two truths, one lie (interactive): Navigating the soil microbiome, with Dr Stephanie Watts-Fawkes

– Future Foods, can you pick fact from fiction?, with Dr James Cowley

– Two truths, one lie (interactive): Exploring indigenous ferments, with Dr Cristian Varela

– No and low alcohol wines (tasting), with Dr Kerry Wilkinson

This Inspiring Australia initiative is supported by the Australian Government as part of National Science Week.

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