The Waite Research Institute will organise two National Science Week Events this August. 

Online Escape Room

In newsrooms across Australia, scientific misinformation is on the rise! You, our Science Myth Busters, have been tasked with scrutinising headlines, separating fact from fiction, and piecing together clues from Waite researchers to uncover true scientific findings. The deadline is approaching. With only 30 minutes until the news goes live, will you be able to correct the mistakes before time runs out?

In our online escape room you will be asked to do a deep dive through scientific publications from Waite Research Institute researchers and try to get the answers as quick as possible – a leader board will show your time and prizes are available for the fastest participant. 

The online event will support students in understanding scientific rigour and media coverage of new science, as well as evoke an interest in agricultural research and how it touches on sustainability, development of food and fibre and the natural environment. Students can participate individually or as a group of up to 3 people.

Year 7-10 students can register as an individual or team (max three students per team). Student registration will need to be completed via the school. Schools will need to provide their list of registrants to WRI via email ( by 31/07/2023. Schools will then receive event access details via email (password-protected escape-room).

The escape room will be accessible between 12:30PM – 2:30PM AEST (12:00PM – 2:00PM ACST) on Monday 14th August. Students will require computer access for one hour during this period.

A scoreboard will be accessible during the event, allowing participants to keep track of their school’s standing. After completing the escape room, the participant will be redirected to the scoreboard. The prizes to be won are: for the school: Double Helix subscription ($72 for 12 months), for students Zero Latency VR voucher (1 x $30 voucher per participant).  

Food Down to a Science

Join us at the Waite Campus as we untangle the science behind agriculture, food and wine through an evening of interactive talks, tastings and more.

Food Down to a Science is a science engagement and outreach event, involving a series of talks relating to food and nutrition, sustainable agriculture, and technology in the vineyard and wineries of South Australia. Led by researchers from the Waite Research Institute, attendees will be encouraged to test their knowledge through ‘two truths, one lie’ activities and explore the science behind news headlines in feature talks. In between sessions, themed canapes and refreshments will be served, related to research at the Waite Campus (e.g., ‘a taste of waste’, ‘food for thought’ and ‘Waite wines’).

More information on both events to follow mid-May. 

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