It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Emeritus Prof Allen Kerr on 14 Dec 2023.

Allen Kerr was the Emeritus Professor in Plant Pathology at the Waite and a world renown scientist. While there are probable few at the Waite who know of Allen or his work, his work and that of his colleagues at the Waite had tremendous impact in plant pathology and plant genetic modification.  He released the first genetically modified organism in the world to help control a disease of fruit trees.  This work helped with the development of genetically modified crops.  Among many accolades, he was made a Fellow of the Royal Society and was the inaugural winner of the  Prime Ministers Australia Prize for his work in biological and agricultural science.

Please find out more about Emeritus Professor Kerr through information provided by to the Royal Society, the Australian Academy of Science and this ABC Radio National Ockham’s Razor episode

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