University of Adelaide experts have been recognised for the impact that they have on the learning and teaching experiences and outcomes of students.

“I would like to congratulate Associate Professor Beth Loveys, Dr Karina Riggs and Dr Hong Cai who have been recognised in the Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) 2022,” said the University of Adelaide’s Professor Jennie Shaw, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic).

Associate Professor Loveys and Dr Riggs from the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine have together won the Award for Teaching Excellence.

Since 2011, Associate Professor Loveys and Dr Riggs have led the transition of second year students through to completion in the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine.

Dr Karina Riggs (left) and Associate Professor Beth Loveys

“As Education Specialists Associate Professor Loveys and Dr Riggs have enhanced student learning and engagement through fit-for-purpose initiatives to address the needs of their students,” said Professor Shaw.

“Their curriculum enhancements have exposed undergraduate students to real-world research which has built student confidence and self-awareness in their growing scientific expertise.”

Working as a team they have provided leadership to their colleagues across the University through sustained communities of practice, that have resulted in measurable changes in both student and staff engagement in learning and teaching across the institution.

Dr Cai from the School of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Business Law and Economics has received a 2022 AAUT Citation for outstanding contribution to student learning.

An essential part of Dr Cai’s work is to equip students with the linguistic and cultural knowledge to succeed in a linguistically diverse world.

She teaches courses in Chinese Studies and Master of Arts in Interpreting and Translation and Trans-cultural Communication which bring her into contact with over 500 students per year, both international students learning English and domestic students learning Chinese.

“Dr Cai’s practices have positively impacted a large number of students over the last six years, both at the University of Adelaide and beyond, as other institutions have adopted her innovations,” said Professor Shaw.

“Her initiatives provide students with real-world experiences, foster friendships and connections between students from different cultural backgrounds, and increase their cultural intelligence, which in turn enhances their employability.”

The annual Australian Awards for University Teaching recognise the impact that educators have on the learning and teaching experiences and outcomes of university students.

Dr Hong Cai

This article was originally published by the University of Adelaide Newsroom on 23 Feb 2023

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