Numerous postgraduate research projects are available within the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine, including projects offered through the Joint PhD scheme of the Adelaide-Nottingham Alliance. 

Projects include: 

  • In-situ soil sampling for precision agriculture
  • Precision fermentation – continuous biomanufacture of vegan milk proteins
  • Mechanical properties of barley stems
  • How does yeast chatter influence cell morphology?
  • Establish the role of HKT in driving crop salinity tolerance and yield in a water limited environment
  • Modelling locust behaviour to improve hopper band detection and countermeasures
  • Improving Australian wine: Uncovering the mysteries of malolactic bacteria “the busy assistants of the wine cellar”
  • Does sweet taste perception predict how the intestine absorbs glucose?
  • Assessment of novel non-Saccharomyces species in wild Australian fermentative niches
  • Using orchard recycling and soil organic amendments to improve productivity, soil carbon sequestration and reduce the environmental impacts of Australian almond production.
  • Exploiting new breakthroughs in regulation of root growth angle to engineer climate resilient
  • Identification and characterisation of pectin biosynthesis enzymes with importance in food and wine production
  • Characterisation of hydrotropism in crop plants using barley as a model system
  • Cold plasma technology to secure food safety and improve animal welfare
  • Modelling growth and pattern formation in yeast biofilms
  • Optimising the directed evolution of yeast strains for the wine fermentation process
  • Analytics to bridge the gap between on-farm data and decisions
  • Future-proofing agrifood supply chains
  • Investigating the molecular role of TEOSINTE BRANCHED1 in controlling wheat yield potential
  • Deciphering the role of Photoperiod-1 during floral development of wheat
  • Scenario-neutral climate assessment of agricultural systems

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