The Waite Campus is set to host the newly-announced South Australian Food Innovation Centre, a collaborative partnership between several food industry groups and R&D organisations to develop the state’s food sector and create new markets, products and opportunities by working together.

With the support of the State Government through PIRSA/SARDI under its ‘clean, green, premium food and wine’ economic priority, the Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of SA, Food SA, The Australian Wine Research Institute, Uni SA and Food Innovation Australia Ltd, the new Centre will enable the growth of the SA food industry, build employment and upscale what it produces. Exploring how food delivers nutritional benefits and building on SA’s luxury and functional food exports are likely foci, as these will generate the greatest economic benefits for the State. The University of Adelaide’s School of AFW will have a key role to play in both research and capacity building for the sector.

The Centre will initially be housed with SARDI’s Food Innovation group and will eventually involve at least 100 food industry researchers and experts. One of the Centre’s key aims will be to facilitate innovation, commercialisation and delivery of research outcomes to market by enabling interaction between researchers, food producers and manufacturers. All members of FoodSA, also located at the Waite, will have direct access to the Centre and its expertise.

The establishment of the SA Food Innovation Centre will add significantly to the Waite’s critical mass in agricultural, food and wine science, ensuring it remains Australia’s leading site for research, teaching and commercialisation activity in this important economic area.

LINK: SAFIC in the media.

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