Do you have a Research and Development project? Would you like to explore or improve an area of scientific competence compatible with the priority themes of the OIV? Apply for a 3-year research grant for a maximum amount of €50,000!

Within the framework of developing its Strategic Plan, the OIV grants research scholarships in priority programme fields on a yearly basis. Grants offered within the framework of this programme are either 3-year or short-term research grants (six to fifteen months at most) and are provided for specific post graduate training programmes.

For the second time, the Consortium of international companies (Familia Torres from Spain, Masi Agricola from Italy, Moët & Hennessy from France, Sogrape from Portugal, Viña Concha y Toro from Chile and Yalumba Family Winemakers from Australia) is contributing, in addition to the OIV’s contribution, enabling the provision of different types of research grants.

Priority themes for 2024 research grants: 

  • Biodiversity, Sustainable Management, and adaptation to climate change
  • Renewing grape and wine materials in processing and packaging
  • Value-chain management to improve systemics resilience of the global vine and wine sector
  • Safety, Nutrition and Health

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