The Australian Genome Research Facility (AGRF) now has improved DNA and RNA sequencing capacity with the installation of the recently released Illumina “MiniSeq” sequencing system. This new equipment adds speed and flexibility to the suite of DNA analysers in service at the Waite.

PaulMiniSeqThe MiniSeq is basically a scaled-down version of the 2-colour “NextSeq500” system that has been running here for the past year, and entered the market in March this year. It features run times as low as 7 hours, and being the smallest of the illumina range, it is currently the most affordable sequencing solution for small projects that require fast data return.

The purchase was made with the support of BioInnovationSA through their “Research Infrastructure Scheme” (RIF).

“The MiniSeq data format will be very familiar to experienced illumina users, and we are always happy to introduce new users to the options available”, said Dr John Stephen, AGRF National Operations Manager.

The MiniSeq adds to the NextSeq500, MiSeqs and Ion Torrent “Next Generation” platforms at the Waite, and the HiSeq systems at the Melbourne node of AGRF.

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