**Seeking lanyard donations, a message from Hannah Thwaites**

 The University of Adelaide is hosting the Institute of Australian Geographers Conference (IAG2024) at North Terrace, 1-5 July. 

Given our focus on sustainability and doing right by the planet and its people, one of the circularity measures the organising committee is looking into is whether it’s possible to secure enough secondhand lanyards to minimise waste. This is especially important given the rebranding that will happen from 2026 which will leave many products unusable.  

Could you please let me know if you have any lanyards (e.g. either “University of Adelaide” or unbranded) that could be donated?

Donations will be gratefully received in Waite Main Building, GN04, or I can come to collect. There is no minimum quantity. 

Hannah Thwaites (she/her)

The University of Adelaide
School of Agriculture, Food & Wine
Room GN04, Waite Main Building, Waite Campus
Email: hannah.thwaites@adelaide.edu.au / M: 0409 670 733

Website: soilecology.or

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