GoodPracguideA number of Agriculture, Food and Wine academics were recently involved in the development and publication of a Good Practice Guide for the Agriculture Threshold Learning Outcomes (TLOs) (available at

The book, which provides practical information for implementing the Threshold Learning Outcomes (TLOs) in agriculture curriculum, was edited by Tina Botwright Acuna (University of Tasmania) and Amanda Able (University of Adelaide). The TLOs are: Understanding agriculture; Knowledge of agriculture; Inquiry and problem-solving; Communication; and Personal and professional responsibility. Each TLO has been individually addressed via a literature review that summarises key issues, identifies opportunities and lists resources; and case studies that address that TLO.

Beth Loveys, Karina Riggs and Amanda Able all co-authored chapter(s) in the Good Practice Guide while many of their colleagues that teach courses in the Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences helped to showcase the University of Adelaide by providing assessment case studies. Furthermore, as a result of this work AgNet (for the scholarship of learning and teaching in agriculture and related disciplines) will be launched at ACSME in September.

For more details, contact Amanda Able.

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