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Wine Australia invests in strategic bilateral agreements with a number of key research organisations including The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI), CSIRO, SARDI, The University of Adelaide and Charles Sturt University. We also periodically request applications for research, development and extension projects on specific topics. Any targeted calls for project applications will be detailed here.

Download: Guidelines for assessing RD&A investment applications

Request for Proposal: Best Practice Sampling and Virus Detection in Australian Grapevine Propagation Assets

Wine Australia’s Strategic Plan 2020-25 identifies ‘the supply of genetically diverse and high-health planting material is maintained to the satisfaction of relevant stakeholders’ as a priority research, development and adoption (RD&A) topic for the Australian wine sector. 

Grapevine viruses are increasing in incidence in vineyards in a number of regions of Australia. They can affect vine health, productivity and grape quality, shortening the longevity of the vineyard. Viruses can be spread by insect vectors, soil-borne nematode vectors or by using infected planting material. The discovery of Grapevine Pinot Gris Virus and Grapevine Red Blotch Virus in the last few years suggests that virus management will be an ongoing challenge for management of commercial and propagation vineyards.

The long-term competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian wine sector therefore hinges on the ability to source high health planting material of known genetic provenance for the establishment of its vineyards.

We are seeking proposals to develop knowledge that will inform decisions on the inclusion or exclusion of virus and virus combinations from Certified planting material and to address key gaps in monitoring, sampling and diagnostic protocols for those viruses in propagation vineyards. Another activity is to review and evaluate the current approach to virus management in the propagation supply chain, and to identify and recommend best practice based on results from the entire scope of work.


Queries and submissions should be made to Dr Sharon Harvey at by the due date of 30 June 2024.

Request for Proposal: Understanding crown gall-like symptoms in Australian winegrape vineyards

The recent appearance of crown gall-like symptoms in several winegrowing regions has been challenging for growers and nurseries.

We are seeking proposals for a short-term project to address key gaps in our knowledge of the current situation. Specifically, the project will aim to determine the causative pathogen(s), develop appropriate diagnostic protocol(s), understand how the pathogen(s) is spread, and understand the factors influencing symptom severity in grapevines.


Queries and submissions should be made to Robyn Dixon at by the due date of 30 June 2024.


Photo: Kimberley Low/Wine Australia

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