The University of Adelaide’s Experience Adelaide program connects international students with staff and alumni. The program is available to new international students who have not lived in Australia before. The aim is to make them feel welcome and more connected to your their surroundings, Australian people and customs. In return, Australians can also learn something about you, your culture and country.

Registered international students are matched with a local University community member (either a graduate or a staff member), based as much as possible on shared interests and your preferences (cultural, linguistic, academic background, gender etc). Matched students and volunteer community members meet at a welcome reception at the start of the semester, then meet a few times throughout one semester (or longer) to help the students feel more integrated into the community. Volunteers may invite their student(s) to participate in activities such as meeting for coffee, sharing a meal, going on an outing around Adelaide or surrounds etc.

Participation in the program is free for international students and any costs associated with joint activities are expected to be covered by their matched volunteer.

Registration for both students and staff and alumni is now open for Semester 2, 2017. Registrations close on Sunday, 23 July 2017 with matches confirmed by the third week in August. The welcome reception will be held on Wednesday 23 August. Two new students may be matched as a pair or with their family if here with them. Students can only register for the program once and only during their first semester of studies.

For more information on the program, testimonials, video and online registration, please visit:

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