The Biometry Hub is a local organiser to the Australasian International Biometrics Society (IBS) meeting to be held on 3 – 6 December in the National Wine Centre, Adelaide.

The conference brings together an active statistical community from Australia, New Zealand and South Asia to discuss novel and break-through methodologies in application to life science: biology, agriculture, environment, medicine and health and nutrition.

For more information, visit the conference website,

There are seven workshops on Sunday-Monday, 1-2, December open to the general public as well as the attendants at the conference. Many of the workshops are relevant to the researchers at Waite,

The conference also draws attention to Biometry in Schools through the Australian and New Zealand Poster competition (see attached flyer). The winners will be announced at the conference. The competition is open for year 9 and 10 school students.

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