The ARC has announced the outcomes of Linkage Projects Round 2 for 2020 (LP20). The University of Adelaide submitted 17 Linkage Project proposals in total and received funding for 8 of these, a success rate of 47% and total ARC funding of $3,622,098. 

Two of the largest grants were to researchers in the School of Agriculture, Food & Wine, reflecting the applied and industry-integrated approach to research the Waite precinct is known for. These projects (and lead researchers) were:

  • A soil ecological approach to increasing Australian crop productivity: $642,434 (led by A/Professor Matt Denton)
  • Agave; a new Australian crop with a resilient spirit: $760,300 (led by Professor Rachel Burton)

A further two Waite-related projects involving researchers from SARDI, CSIRO and AWRI, were funded:

  • Protein biosensors for detecting smoke exposure of grapes: $261,931 
  • Development of drought tolerant, high protein legume for arid Australia: $343,712 (led by Dr Iain Searle, School of Biological Sciences)

Congratulations to all those involved in the successful projects.

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