It appears that the sky is the limit to the energy and drive that Ben McGorm and Alex Clare have for their entrepreneurial ideas!

Ben and Alex are 3rd year Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences students who have just completed the Australian eChallenge as part of their final year studies at the Waite. The Australian eChallenge is an entrepreneurship program where participants create, develop, assess and action their ideas. The program provided the tools, interaction opportunities and mentorship Ben and Alex needed to begin their entrepreneurial story.

At an awards dinner held at the Adelaide Oval on Thursday November 15th Ben and Alex’s Cannabinoid Therapeutics took out 3rd place against strong competition in the tertiary stream of the Australian eChallenge Medical Innovation Category. The pair won $2000 in cash plus a support package at Thinclab worth $3000.

Ben and Alex plan to establish a company producing medicinal cannabis. When asked about how being involved in the Australian eChallenge had helped turn a dream into reality Ben said: “The eChallenge provided the impetus and structure for us to focus on what was needed to achieve our goals of being a successful start-up. Having access to industry and professional services was invaluable.”

The next step for Ben and Alex is to secure funding which will allow them to begin production in Canada; they are well on the way with Canadian business partners in place and a fully developed business plan ready to roll into action. They hope to return to Australia when the legislative framework for the production of medicinal cannabis is more developed.

We congratulate Ben and Alex on their success at the Australian eChallenge and wish them all the best with the next step of their exciting venture.

For more information on the Australian eChallenge and Thinclab please go to:

From L to R: Ben McGorm, Alex Clare and the Governor of South Australia, His Excellency The Honourable Hieu Van Le (AO, AC)

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