The Society of Precision Agriculture Australia (SPAA) invites you to attend the 2018 Precision Agriculture (PA) Symposium hosted at the Adelaide Oval on the 10th to 11th September 2018.

This year is the 21st PA Symposium for SPAA, where research and application is showcased across all agricultural industries that are employing the PA philosophy. The program is diverse incorporating innovations, updates and a view into the future, all supported by a trade display. The symposium has been well designed to cover all knowledge levels of Precision Agriculture, and is suited for all target audiences ranging from researchers right through to students, farmers & industry representatives/members.

Some of the many topics we cover include:

  • Future farm remote sensing sensors.
  • Livestock tags, digital ag and data analysis soil pH mapping.
  • Aerial imagery, machine learning, satellite IoT and more….
  • Along with presentations from researchers from the CSIRO (Christina Ratcliff & Rob Bramley), AusVeg (Andrew Shaw), PIRSA (Andrew Harding) & many other Universities throughout Australia.

PA is used in all industries of Australian Agriculture. With thanks to SA Grains Industry Trust (SAGIT) & Sugar Research Australia (SRA), we are thrilled to bring three young farmers to share how they are using a range of tools and technologies on their properties as they share their good (and bad) journeys of using different PA tools on their broadacre and cane businesses. Book your place to hear Ben Pratt, Alistair Murdoch and Chris Russo and so many more great speakers from all across Australia .

The event is open to both members & non-members of SPAA, and offers the opportunity for any person to become a member of SPAA and attend the symposium at a rate less than our “non-member event rate”.

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