Voting is now open to all WRI members for the Showcase visual competition!

Monday December 6 the WRI is holding their yearly Research Showcase at the National Wine Centre (registration and full day program here). This year we challenged WRI researchers to share their work in photos and short videos. We received a range of visuals on different topics and research, and need some help in finding our winner in the video category!

All WRI members have received a link to vote for their favourite video, based on how engaging, fun and informative it is.

Have a look at the amazing work our researchers delivered:

  • Rachael Tindal – Mathematical modelling of anthocyanins: Making use of nature’s extraordinary pigments
  • Melinda Nguyen – Growing plants in space, why not?
  • Isobel Hume – Urban agriculture
  • Hugh Holds – From Brandewijn (burnt wine) to bushfires
  • Chelsea Matthews – The hemp pan-genome
  • Andres Zhou Tsang – Genetic basis of salt resistance in grapevine and rootstocks
  • Ross Sanders – Rootstock and vine vigour influence methoxypyrazine concentrations in the rachis of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Cabernet Sauvignon

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