by Lieke van der Hulst – PhD Candidate

I often try to remember why I got interested in science and why I went on to study biotechnology straight out of high school. I know I went to a handful of open days, but have forgotten what exactly got me excited about this world of pipettes, the magic of DNA and large laboratories.

Why do students these days choose to study science courses at university? Now that I am doing a PhD, and have experienced working in a few labs and a bit of the wine industry, I’m trying to get high school students excited about a career in science, and specifically Agriculture, Food and Wine.

Volunteers needed for Why Waite!

We need some help with the Why Waite outreach program and are looking for enthusiastic scientists of all shapes and sizes: undergraduate and postgraduate students, postdocs, researchers and teaching staff. The only requirement is a passion for science to inspire the bright, young future of the Waite campus.

During August and September we need people to help out with the University Open Day, National Science Week’s Science Alive! event, and the Royal Adelaide Show. We also run interactive sessions with visiting school groups in our fancy Why Waite lab (in the microscopy building on campus).

Volunteering with the outreach program is a great way to improve your science communication skills, to meet other Waite Campus researchers and learn about the projects they are involved with! Most of all it is an opportunity to share your knowledge and spark a love of science in young people who may become the next generation of Waite students and researchers.

Please contact me at if you are interested in helping out or would like to hear more about what we are doing at ScienceAlive! and the Royal Adelaide Show!

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