The Waite’s branch of the Australian Genome Research Facility (AGRF) provides support and services to researchers from all over the University, not only the Waite.

One of their key engagements has been in partnership with the Aboriginal Heritage Project, led by the University’s Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, and the South Australian Museum, and includes the Waite AGRF’s Dr. John Stephen as a Partner Investigator.

Working in partnership with Aboriginal families and communities, this project uses historical hair samples to reconstruct the map of Indigenous Australia prior to European arrival.

Earlier this year, the team published their initial findings in the leading journal Nature, showing new detail of the colonisation of Australia by Aboriginal people, and demonstrating the remarkable stability of populations in the landscape over the last 50,000 years.

The team’s success has been recognised by winning the “UNSW for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Scientific Research” category at the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes, at the Awards dinner in Sydney on Wednesday night.

Congratulations to John, Prof. Alan Cooper of ACAD and the whole Aboriginal Heritage Project team!

LINK: University of Adelaide media release

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