The University of Adelaide is celebrating individuals who have made an exceptional effort during the COVID-19 pandemic through a Community Legends program.

Designed to celebrate the kindness and resilience shown by the University of Adelaide community, selected nominations will be honoured with a portrait by artist Fruzsi Kenez and feature in an exhibition.

The School of Agriculture, Food and Wine’s Dr Beth Loveys is one of two first round winners. The calm supportive mentorship Beth provided for her students during the COVID-19 crisis shone through in the many nominations she received.

With stress and uncertainty mounting, Beth demonstrated to her students she understood the pressures they were facing. Emails never went unanswered and minds were always put to rest.

From what we’ve heard on the grapevine, being an exceptional educator is just business as usual for Beth. It’s nice to know the training of our future wine makers and agricultural scientists is in such great hands!

Waite PhD student Melanie Ford is one of three second round winners.  As an international PhD student, Mel saw many of her fellow postgraduates at Waite Campus experience stress and anxiety relating to their studies as well as losing vital income from casual jobs. Like Mel, many students had to endure the COVID-19 global pandemic while living in a foreign country with very little family or social support. Some of the international students had only just arrived in Adelaide and were understandably lost and confused.

Mel collected donations and put together care packages of food and essential items that were delivered to Waite Campus international students. She spent countless hours scouring the supermarkets for rice, pasta, toilet rolls and hand sanitiser. She reached out to local farmers and directly purchased fresh produce for the care packages, thus helping students and farmers alike. Additionally, Mel raised funds to assist at-risk students with rent, family support, petrol and supermarket vouchers.

As a result, Mel became a vital contact and support to many of the students and they trusted her to advocate on their behalf. She represented them and shared their views with the Adelaide Graduate Centre, the Agriculture, Food and Wine Head of School and Executive in a number of forums. Without her, the true situation of many of the students would never have been known.

Beth Loveys community legends art
Beth Loveys community legends art

Beth (top) and Mel’s (bottom) portraits by artist Fruzsi Kenez 

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