Fire up your creative spark and present your research in a 60-second digital display and you could win $1000.

The Visualise your Thesis competition celebrates research conducted by graduate research students around the world and is a great way to hone research communication skills.

Developed by The University of Melbourne, graduate researchers are challenged to present their research in a 60 second, eye-catching digital display.

Submissions are judged on their visual impact and how well the content presents the research. Presenting in a digital format allows for different levels of creativity, multi-media, interactivity and interpretation, and is suitable for all disciplines.

The winner of the University of Adelaide Visualise Your Thesis competition receives a prize of $1000 and is given the opportunity to compete in the International online showcase hosted by The University of Melbourne in the later part of the year.

The competition opens on Monday 1 June 2020 and submissions will be accepted until Sunday 26 July 2020. Register you interest now to receive updates and announcements.

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