All staff, students, collocated partners and visitors are asked to consider that the following protocols must be observed when entering Waite vineyard or orchard areas. Please share this information with any of your colleagues, staff or students who may be affected.

Hygiene (This is to educate our students about the increasing emphasis industry in placing on farm gate hygiene and safety which will be written into student course requirements and to provide some biosecurity measures for our field teaching areas).

  • All personnel requiring access to School orchards and vineyards must wear work boots (e.g. Rossi, Blundstone, Mack and plenty of other brands) – no exceptions
    • Viticulture and Oenology students are required to wear hard toe/safety boots as they are also mandated for entry to the winery
    • Some flexibility for Ag Students and visiting students (E.g. Wine Marketing) may be given, whose visits are infrequent and often ad hoc, provided they wear enclosed footwear to the ankle. These exceptions will need discussion with vineyard management before entry is permitted
  • Mandatory Notification Signage has been posted at each entry point and footbaths clearly indicated
  • Footbaths must be used when provided and instructions for use adhered to closely
    • They will contain a 10% sodium hypochlorite solution and will bleach clothes if they come into contact
  • Footbaths do not need to be used on exit
  • Personnel found to be in breach of these conditions may be denied access and asked to return wearing appropriate footwear

Thanks for your understanding,

Ben Pike
Research Technical Operations Team Leader –Waite & Roseworthy
University of Adelaide, Waite Campus
Ph: 831 37275

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