It is with great sadness that we share that Dr Colin Jenner died peacefully on Saturday 09 November.

Colin was one of the legends of the Waite, and remained active in research until just a few days before his death. He joined the Waite Agricultural Research Institute in 1962, and over the subsequent 57 years produced a body of work that significantly increased our understanding of starch synthesis in cereal crops.

Following retirement in 1996, Colin continued his research unabated throughout the next 23 years. Just a few weeks ago, he welcomed his long-term collaborators from the UK back to his lab to look at the latest data and to make plans for the next phase of their ongoing project.

Colin was also a long-time supporter of Urrbrae House, a founding member of the Friends of Urrbrae House, and a member of the Committee from 1998-2010.

He was also made an Alumni Fellow of the University of Adelaide in 2015, recognising his significant contribution to the advancement of the University’s Alumni Relations program.

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