Science is a human endeavour- crossing, national, cultural and continental divides. A dynamic display of the travels and stories that have brought scientists to the Waite campus.

Travelling to conferences, journeying across continents for resources, sampling sites on the other side of the world, working collaboratively across language barriers are beautiful threads that sews together the fabric of science, research and the scientists themselves.

The United Science Passport is a project of The University of Adelaide’s Women of Waite and Why Waite to invite the science community at the Waite campus to tell their stories of travel. Where have you travelled from? Where have you lived? What crazy photos have you captured? What amazing stories have you brought back from your trips?

The United Science Passport will be a large-scale world map located in the McLeod House of Waite Campus (Lirra Lirra) and available for the Waite Campus scientific community to pin their journey and photos. It will be displayed during National Science Week (12-16 Aug 2019).

You can get involved!

We invite you to fill out the questionnaire here ( or even simply come and pin a photo to our map, join your path with thread and print new pictures that you may not have seen for years! You can write stories on boards and the map will fill out with the inspiration of the journeys.

This project will be a living and dynamic display, demonstrating to the wider community and to the younger generation how science, has a human endeavour, invites research and development from many people, places and backgrounds. This is such an important feature of science and truly one that should inspire the future generation to feel excited about the journeys research could take them!

For more information, go the National Science Week event pages, or email or This is a display available for viewing during open hours of Beltana cafe.

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