Campus Travel and Virgin Australia are delighted to launch the inaugural Travel Grant Series: Recognising Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

As the leader in university travel management, Campus Travel wants to highlight the contribution women are making to STEM learning, research, development and teaching. Our aim is to unearth Australian women who are excelling across the STEM fields. We hope the successful applicant of the grant can use the funds for academic travel to connect their brilliance!

If you are female, employed by an Australian university or university affiliate, or you are a PHD student officially employed by a university and who has a STEM related focus – we encourage you to apply for the Campus Travel and Virgin Australia 2017 Travel Grant. The successful applicant will receive $5,000 to put towards airfares with Virgin Australia and $1000 from Campus Travel for accommodation.

For more information on the Travel Grant and how to apply please visit the website!

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