About this Event

This is a 3-day workshop intended to be taken as a complete course, however individual day registrations are being accepted to provide flexibility where appropriate. An RNA-Seq workflow will be followed as an example, during which we will cover:

Day 1: Introduction to R & RStudio for Biological Research

  1. An Introduction to R & RStudio
  2. Importing and Visualising Data in R
  3. Using RMarkdown to aid in Reproducible Research
  4. Interacting with Genomic Databases

Day 2: Gene Expression Analysis for RNA Seq Data

  1. QC Post Alignment
  2. Summarisation of Reads to Counts
  3. PCA and Multi Dimensional Scaling
  4. Statistical Approaches for Differential Gene Expression

Day 3: QC & Alignment for an NGS Dataset

  1. QC for High-Throughput Sequencing Data
  2. Alignment to a Reference Genome
  3. Working on the Command-Line Using Bash
  4. Writing Scripts to Manage a Complete Workflow

You will be required to bring your own laptop for these sessions. No software will be required beyond a WiFi connection and internet browser. No prior experience will be assumed.

Please purchase a ticket for each day you plan on attending. Please note that you may need skills learned on the previous day to gain the most from both Day 2 & Day 3, however we have allowed individual day registration due to popular requests.

Morning & Afternoon Tea and will be provided on all days, however lunch will not be provided in order to minimise costs. The venue is right next to Hub Central where multiple food options are available. Microwaves are also available to reheat your own food if you choose to bring lunch from home.

Trainers for the event include:

  • Dr Nathan Watson-Haigh (University of Adelaide Bioinformatics Hub)
  • Dr Jimmy Breen (SAHMRI; University of Adelaide Bioinformatics Hub)
  • Dr Dan Kortschak (University of Adelaide Bioinformatics Hub)
  • Melanie Smith (Robinson Resarch Institute)
  • Nhi Hin (University of Adelaide Bioinformatics Hub)
  • Dr Terry Bertozzi (SA Museum)
  • Dr Rick Tearle (Davies Research Centre)

This course is presented by the University of Adelaide Bioinformatics Hub, in association with the SAHMRI Bioinformatics Core Facility as part of BIG-SA.

When: 9am-5pm, October 2-4 2019
Where: Room 422, Horace Lamb Building (North Terrace campus)
Cost: $40/day – Uni Adelaide & SAHMRI
$60/day – other institutions
Contact us: bioinf_hub@adelaide.edu.au

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