Science Says! is science as you’ve never seen it before, and with a lot more laughter! Join us as brilliant scientists, gifted comedians and talented communicators use their wits and wittiness to uncover the top scientific discoveries of 2019 – and a few of the odder ones, too!

It’s an evening in the style of the great panel shows – think mixing Mock the WeekSpicks and Specks, and just a dash of QI. Last years’ shows saw physicists miming sticky saliva, professors donning hard hats, and biologists serenading the audience – all in the name science!

Hosted once again by Dr Joel – scientist, comedian and co-host of Food Lab on SBS – you’ll be guaranteed a night of entertainment, competition and comedy – and education, too! So secure your tickets early and join us in November to find out what Science Says!

16 November – Adelaide

Competing in Adelaide for all the glory science has to offer is:

  • science communicator, former biochemist and maker of a Guinness Book of Records World’s Largest Whoopee Cushion, Dr Lisa Bailey;
  • bioinformatician, data scientist and beer connoisseur, Dr Jimmy Breen;
  • women’s health scientist, advocate and communicator, Dr Hannah Brown;
  • botanist and molecular biologist, Prof Rachel Burton;
  • ecologist, drone pilot and avid orangutan enthusiast, Molly Ellis Hennekam; and
  • science communicator and former non-practising athlete, Pete McDonald.

This event will be hosted by scientist, comedian and TV personality, Dr Joel Gilmore.

Time:  4pm – 5:30pm (doors and bar open at 3:30pm), 16 November 2019.
Venue: RiAusThe Science Exchange, Adelaide.
Tickets: $10 online, $15 at the door (cash only).
Calendar:  Add Adelaide’s event to your Facebook calendar.

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