Inspiring stories from University of Adelaide science graduates who’ve turned their innate spark of curiosity into awesome, real-world careers.

The University of Adelaide Faculty of Sciences has produced a six-episode podcast series which offers a glimpse of what a career in science might look like, and breaks down some of the stereotypes associated with being a scientist.

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One episode features Millie Shinkfield, a graduate of the Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Science. Millie is now a Quality Assurance Assistant at Mexex, one of Adelaide’s largest food manufacturers.

Millie is a die-hard foodie. She loves nothing more than deconstructing the textures and flavours of her favourite dishes when dining out…much to the annoyance of her friends.

She does, however, know what she is talking about. After completing a Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Science, and honours degree in the same area, Millie is now a quality assurance assistant at Mexex Food Production.

Millie says the degree gave her hands-on experience manufacturing products from some of the key food industries including beverages, beer, confectionery, bakery, meats and cheese. 

“It was very interesting, and just seeing those concepts applied hands-on, it was just so enjoyable.
“The links with industry were really great. That’s how I ended up in the position I am now at Mexex and it was a really enjoyable degree.”

Millie Shinkfield

Using her knowledge of food science, she spends her days inspecting products and testing them in the lab to ensure Mexex’s food meets the required quality and safety standards.

In conversation with presenter Sarah Davidson, Millie talks about the versatility of the humble potato (including its use in ice cream!), what inspired her to focus on food waste for her honours project and the pathway that has led her to be in her element.

Other episodes in the series feature

  • Pip Edwards, a Bachelor of Science (Animal Science) graduate, who’s now a puppy education supervisor at the Royal Society for the Blind.
  • Phoebe De Wilt, a Bachelor of Science (Space Science and Astrophysics) graduate who’s now an aviation forecaster for the Bureau of Meteorology.
  • Jacob Maher, who works in environmental sustainability and is a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) graduate.
  • Brendan and Laura Carter, the husband and wife team behind Unico Zelo and Applewood Distillery. Brendon is a Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology graduate and Laura completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences.
  • Reuben Jacob, Innovation Manager at Bellberry and Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) graduate.

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