Congratulations to Jade Rose who is the recipient of SARDI’s 2018 science bursary for women.

Awarded on an annual basis, the SARDI science bursary was established in 1994 to celebrate the South Australian Women’s Suffrage Centenary.

An honours student, who is also working on casual basis with SARDI, Jade said that winning this bursary was a real honour.

“Working at SARDI has always been my dream role, so to be working here and gaining the experience that not only helps with my studies, but provides me with the practical experience for my future career pathway, is incredibly beneficial and rewarding,” Jade said.

“This bursary will allow me to focus on my honours studies to achieve the best marks possible, without having to work full-time and potentially compromise my results.”

Currently working in SARDI’s plant soil health team, Jade is gaining practical experience in both laboratory and field work which is associated with her thesis subject, Ascochyta blight in lentils.

“The skills I’m learning here at SARDI will be greatly beneficial in the future, as they can be applied to any plant pathology role and will allow me to build connections and open up opportunities to work in different areas within the industry.”

With Jade’s future career plans leading towards completion of her PhD and working in a research role within the Agricultural Sciences industry, this bursary is a great step forward to achieve that goal.

“Working in ag science, and in particular at SARDI, would be my dream career so this is a very exciting opportunity for which I’m very grateful.”

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