Dr Vinod Phogat, a Senior Research Officer at PIRSA-SARDI and an Affiliate Senior Lecturer at The University of Adelaide, has been awarded the prestigious JK Taylor Award for 2020 by Soil Science Australia for two publications on irrigation and soil management that will have immediate practical applications for horticultural crop growers.

The JK Taylor award recognises merit in Australian and New Zealand research publications in the field of soil science, acknowledging excellence in both research and communication. Dr Phogat was the leading contributor on both papers, which build on his expertise in irrigation, salinity tolerance and management, nutrient transport in soils under surface and pressurised irrigation systems.

Dr Phogat, a recipient of the 2010 Australian Government Endeavour Research Fellowship, also received training on pressurised irrigation systems in Israel and had 15 years of experience in India where he taught and contributed to field research prior to joining SARDI in 2011.

With 150 publications including more than 65 peer-reviewed papers and two edited books, Dr Phogat’s research at SARDI continues to contribute to the advancement of best management practices with irrigated crops.




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