We congratulate the following UoA Waite Community researchers with their recently awarded accolades:

– Doctoral Research Medal. These prestigious medals are awarded to recognise outstanding thesis outcomes. There are typically <20 of these awarded each year across the whole University. we are very pleased to share that Dr Emily Mackie is an awardee and this will be recognised at the May 2024 graduation ceremony.

– Dean’s Commendation for Doctoral Research Excellence (February recipient) – Dr Claire Armstrong. Claire has demonstrated exemplary dedication, innovation, and scholarly excellence in her field of study to be awarded this accolade.

– The OENOVITI Young Researcher Prize – Dr Pietro Previtali. Pietro will present his work at the OENOVITI International General Assembly in Italy (May ’24). This is another outstanding accolade, and is an excellent outcome for Pietro and the ARC Training Centre through which his PhD was undertaken.

Dr Emily Mackie

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