Congratulations to Dr Rhiannon Schilling, Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Agriculture, Food and Wine, who has won the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for ‘Excellence in Research – an award for an early career researcher’.

The inaugural Vice-Chancellor’s Awards are designed to celebrate the diverse and exceptional successes of University staff and titleholders.

Dr Schilling is a research leader, mentor, and passionate agricultural scientist who is a keen outreach volunteer. She conducts high quality basic and applied research in plant physiology, molecular biology and soil science.

During her PhD, she established the first ever field trials of genetically modified barley at saline sites in Australia and made several key advances in understanding the multiple roles of proton-pumping pyrophosphatases. Since then, her research has fast-tracked the development of soil tolerant wheat and barley using high throughput greenhouse and field phenotyping.

Dr Schilling is the recipient of ten prestigious academic awards and has an outstanding track record of securing $4.13 million of competitive research grants in the 5 years since completing her PhD. She contributes essential expertise to multidisciplinary teams comprising University, CSIRO, state government and industry personnel.

Dr Schilling exhibits both a willingness and exceptional ability to collaborate, which, along with her capacity to learn new skills outside of her specialised research area, contributes significantly to her achievements as an early career researcher and enhances the University’s reputation for delivering high quality research with industry impact.

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