CSIRO is currently looking for creative and innovative future leaders: early to mid-career scientists from a broad range of backgrounds to support the work of CSIRO Missions. Instead of recruiting for specific roles, CSIRO is looking for the next generation of inventors, innovators and change makers with a wide-open campaign to attract diverse skills and experience right across our portfolio. This includes attracting Indigenous talent, as part of our commitment to double the number of Indigenous people in Team CSIRO by the end of 2023.

The focus for the first recruitment stage is the five launched missions: hydrogen industry, future protein, drought resilience, trusted agrifood exports and ending plastic waste.

Of potential interest to the Waite Campus: the Trusted Agrifood Exports Mission and The Future Protein Missions.

Potential applicants who are interested and would like a local contact, feel free to contact Nina Welti  (Trusted AgriFood Export Mission).

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