Lyn Marlow is a long-standing volunteer at Urrbrae House where she has assisted with the Schools’ Program since 2009. Lyn will be celebrating her 90th birthday on 5 November 2016!

Lyn originally worked directly with the children attending the program but when she found that a bit too physically taxing a couple of years ago, she asked if she could continue to assist in other ways. Lyn now comes in each Wednesday morning early (she is always here by 8.30am) to set things up in the kitchen for the program.  This help is invaluable to the smooth running of the program and on more than one occasion, she has even whipped up a batch of scones for us to have with our coffee at the end of the program.  Lyn has also helped out at various community engagement and Friends of Urrbrae House events over the years.

The staff and volunteers at Urrbrae House will help Lyn celebrate with a special morning tea on Wednesday, 9 November. We wish Lyn a very Happy Birthday!

Pictured right: Lyn Marlow ‘in character’ for the Urrbrae House Schools Program

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