The world is a volatile place right now, full of uncertainty and ambiguity. Though it may seem counter intuitive, that makes it the right time and place to launch your start-up.

Maybe you have an idea that addresses some of the unique problems we’re experiencing right now, or just find yourself with a blank canvas of time and opportunity. Either way, start-ups and entrepreneurs often thrive in these complex and fluid environments – it’s time for you to run with your idea, and get on track with ThincSprint.

The Sprint is a 90-day thorough investigation into your market segments and problems. We will help you identify your minimum viable product by engaging solution strategies and key metrics to remove barriers

ThincSprint also acts as the application process to ThincLab and successful completion is a prerequisite for joining ThincLab.

For more info visit the ThincLab website at: 

Starts online 11 May 2020
Applications close 26 April

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